Retail and Distribution

Folded Space inserts are a great light-weight and affordable insert option, popular with board gamers across the globe. The products are also easy to store and display for retailers, and are very durable for shipping to online customers.

Product catalogue
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Folded Space is distributing it's products worldwide with the following distribution partners:

United Kingdom



Czech Republic


United States


All products sold through our distribution network come with individual retail sleeves. These sleeves are only needed for products that will be displayed in-store, but when added give a great presentation of the product plus detailed info as to it's contents and applicability to customers' games.

In addition all products are labelled conveniently for warehouse storage with the product barcode and name. This makes order picking easy for online stores and also for brick and mortar stores selecting what stock to add to the shop shelves.

folded space insert organizer retail sleeves

Folded Space is a regular attendee of the Essen Spiel and UK Games Expo events, and we are working to add more board game conventions to our annual schedule in the future. We would love to meet you at these events and discuss your experiences as a retailer of our products.

If you have any questions about our products or what we do, please feel free to contact us:

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