Brighten up your game night with FS-GLOW, our new range of glow in the dark inserts! Yes, you read that right, this is an entire range of dazzling products which literally illuminate your game board allowing for truly dark game nights. Our months of spontaneous combustion trials were successfully completed in time for our planned April 1st 2024 launch date. So why not light up your games with a super-charged  FS-GLOW insert!

folded space insert organizer


The FS-GLOW inserts all utilise our new rad-core printed sheets, with insert giving off a phosphorescent glow which both illuminates the trays' contents and the board around it. This provides a new atmosphere for your game night making it possible to play with the lights off, matching the theme of many popular game titles!  


Just imagine Mansions of Madness in the pitch-dark with monsters just visible in the eerie insert glow!


folded space insert organizer

 The first of many FS-GLOW inserts is FS-NCLMGLOW for Nucleum, and what better game to kick of this new range! The Cherenkov effect of the trays really fits the theme of the game, transporting your mind and body to the heart of this Board & Dice modern classic.

A major step forward in the evolution of board game inserts is the help FS-GLOW inserts gives players when arguing over who will play which colour - all the colours look the same in the dark so why argue? As prolonged exposure to the trays' surfaces can occasionally have unwanted minor side-effects, using FS-GLOW inserts in your games greatly helps with analysis paralysis. In addition to all this, adding a new half-life rating to each game on your shelf will assist in scheduling what to play next!


Assembling FS-GLOW inserts is just as much fun as for our normal insert products. Follow the usual Folded Space four-step assembly approach of dry-build, flatten, glue & assemble, and your inserts will be up and glowing in no time at all. Indeed, it is advisable when building the insert trays to do so as quickly as possible.




folded space insert organizer

Folded Space is continuing to spend valuable time and effort on developing new colours to add to the range, but for product launch there will already be seven colours available! 

    - Geiger Green
    - Radiating Red
    - Uranium Yellow
    - Beaming Blue
    - Opulent Orange
    - Positronic Purple
    - Cataclysmic Clear



FS-GLOW products are third party, unofficial, potentially lethal, gaming accessories. All trademarks and copyrights remain the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Folded Space EOOD.

The FS-GLOW products require hazardous assembly, using ordinary PVA glue, lead-lined underwear and a home Geiger counter kit. 

For general assembly tips click here.

Gross weight: varies

Material: Rad-core sheets