Evacore insert material

Our inserts are made from sheets of Evacore - a memory foam to which quality printed card is laminated to add rigidity. The card itself has a matt finish to increase durability and to give a strong bond with the PVA glue needed for assembly. Folded Space has to date manufactured over one million sheets of Evacore! 


The Evacore sheets are then precision cut as per our insert designs. Because the material expands again once cut, the tray pieces stay inside the sheet frame on their own. Therefore, there is no need for any connection points from the piece to the frame, and prior to assembly you simply pop them out with no additional cutting necessary.  

The final product consists of a number of pre-cut Evacore sheets, together with detailed assembly instructions. On average a four sheet insert, such as FS-ELD compatible with Eldritch Horror® pictured here, weighs roughly 250g once removed from the packaging and fully assembled. This means it adds very little weight to the game, making Folded Space inserts ideal for transporting games to a friend’s place or to the club.