Folded Space Fun Products

Over the years Folded Space has worked on many fun and unusual products, always released by chance on April 1st each year. This page is to bring all these fun projects together in one place so you can see the lighter side of what we do. We hope that you will enjoy browsing these products :)

folded space insert organizer

FS-TABLE is the latest addition to our FS-HOME range of home ware products: the fully functioning Folded Space board game table released April 1st 2023.


You already have inserts for all your favourite games (what, wait a minute, you don't? head over to FS-STORE asap then), so take your gaming experience to the next level with our light, easy to assemble, top quality, super-sized accessory!




folded space insert organizer

FS-HOME was an entire range of homeware products, all made from our Evacore material.


The range was released with fanfare on April 1st 2022 to great reception! Included products:


folded space insert organizer

FS-ONE was a revolutionary new concept in the insert & organiser industry: a single design that worked equally well with over 100 games at once!


Released on April 1st 2021, FS-ONE created a massive buzz, and some of our distributors placed orders for it right away. We were particularly pleased with the reviews from well known board game personalities.

folded space insert organizer

FS-COUP is officially the smallest insert we have worked on to date, using a single half sheet but still having space for the Reformation expansion!


Released on April 1st 2020 the product surprised the community and we continue to receive attempted orders to this day.