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Massive thanks to you for taking part in our survey for our Kickstarter Campaign 3!


The campaign will go live on December 8th 2018. Please follow us here on the site, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and also via Kickstarter to keep informed as things progress. The first step will be to fix the product list which we will do after returning from Essen Spiel 2018 at the end of October. 

Campaign 3 will be slightly smaller than Campaign 2, with 12 or more awesome inserts to be added to our existing product range. One insert we will definitely be doing is FS-SCY+ for Scythe which expands our existing FS-SCY insert to allow for storage of the Rise of Fenris and Wind Gambit expansions either in the Legendary box together with FS-SCY or separately in the Fenris box itself. The remaining insert titles will be determined by the results of this survey :) All existing products from the earlier campaigns will again be made available in Campaign 3.

If you have not seen either of our first two successful Kickstarter campaigns yet, please follow the links below.