Demonstration copy of FS-ECL+ insert compatible with Eclipse TM expansions

The FS-ECL+ insert is compatible with the EclipseTM expansion Rise of the Ancients AND Shadows of the Rift. To be clear - a single FS-ECL+ product allows for storage of both the expansions together. You do NOT need to purchase two inserts, one for each expansion.

As before please note that this is a demonstration piece using the blue foam used for Essen Spiel demo products. The final products will use a grey foam, together with the grey print you see here.

We will start with the storage of the Rise of the Ancients expansion.


Here we see the inserts in the expansion box covered by the rules and the player boards.


With the rules and boards removed we can see the trays underneath. At the top is a tray for storing sector hexes and the summary and info cards. At the bottom right is a tray for storing the warp portal and shrine bonus tiles, the new ancient tiles, the development tiles and the shrine tiles.To the left is a ship part tile tray, which we will see in close up further down.


Now the top trays are removed we can see underneath the bottom layer. At the top is a deep tray for the remaining numbered sector hexes, and the action markers. Clockwise on the right is a tray for the alliance tiles. Then come three trays for each of the new player colour pieces and tiles. 


This is a quick image to show an empty tray underneath the alliance tile tray. this will be used with the Shadows of the Rift expansion.


Now we see a close-up of the ship part tile tray. The five tiles on the right are best added to the similar trays in the original game box.


Also included in the Rise of the Ancients expansion are tiles best added to the original game box trays. these are the reputation tiles which can be put in the black bag, the discovery tiles which can be put into the tray for these, and the technology tiles which can be added to the white bag.

Now we can consider the second expansion Shadows of the Rift;


Here we see all the components that come with this expansion. In the following images we will show where they should be stored, either in the original game box or in the above insert FS-ECL+.


 The FS-ECL and FS-ECL+ products give you three ship part tiles. There is sufficient space for all tiles to be stored neatly in the vertical slots. We have broken them down by type and different tiles can be easily recognised and accessed during play.


 The summary and info cards can be added on top of the similar sized cards from the other boxes.


 There is plenty of space for the nine new sector hexes to be added to the trays for such tiles.


 The anomaly tiles are large and need to be stored in the same tray as the alliance tiles from the Rise of the Ancients expansion.


 The discovery tiles and the +40 storage markers have equivalents in the original game and can be added to those trays. The storage markers can be added to the tray slot for the purple components form the main game box.


 The new turn order markers and ambassador tiles can be added to the player piece boxes.


 The technology tiles and the special reputation tiles should be added to the relevant bags form the main game.


 The new dice go into the empty tray from the Rise of the Ancients images above. The large tile tray from the same box is used for the other tiles shown. The shrine tiles and the warp portal ones need to be stored together now, making space above for the void tiles. The three new development tiles are added to the same type tiles form the other expansion.


The two new bags, with their relevant tiles inside are added to the large tray at the top of the expansion insert.


Once everything is inside the new player boards and rule book are placed on top together with the others and act as a lid.

So a backer pledging for both the FS-ECL and FS-ECL+ products has space in the original box plus one of the expansion boxes to store and organise; Eclipse, Ship Pack One, Rise of the Ancients, and Shadow of the Rift. A result well worth all the effort we expended int he design of these products.

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