Demonstration copy of FS-TZO insert compatible with Tzolk'in TM

This insert includes space for the Tribes & Prophecies expansion.

As always please note that this is a demonstration piece using the blue foam used for Essen Spiel demo products. The final products will use a grey foam, together with the grey print you see here.


Here we can see the insert inside the box with the rules and boards on top. For this game it is important to get the sequence of the boards right in order to make a tight fit and allow for vertical storage. The largest of the boards with the light and dark brown dials goes on top.


Next is the board with the blue dial. This is also where the prophecy board goes.


Next is the board piece with no dials.


And last is the board with the large dial and the rules from both the original game and the expansion underneath. These act as a lid on the tray underneath. You can now see clearly the trays at the top for vertical storage of the building tiles, the prophecy tiles and the monuments. at the back are openings for storing the tribe tiles and the player boards. The quick action board also goes here.


With the boards and rules removed we can see the remaining trays underneath. At the top are two trays with two slots each for storing the resource cubes. In the middle is a square tray for the corn tokens, two smaller trays for the quick action tiles and then another square tray for the wealth tiles and first player marker. At the bottom are trays for the harvest tokens on the left, and on the right a tray for the first of the player pieces and the crystal skulls.


 Underneath the bottom trays are two more trays for storing the remaining player pieces.


 The trays are made to be functional during game play and can be placed around the board to provide easy access to game components.


 This and the next image show how the insert also works well with the older version of the board.



This is a great addition to this awesome game. Storage here has always been a problem due to the unusual shaped board, but this insert gets round that, using the boards to hold the other components in the box. Vertical storage is not a problem, nor is transporting the game to a friends or to the club.

If you missed pledging for this insert in the campaign you will have a chance to add it to your final pledge amount soon when the pledge manager process begins.

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