Demonstration copy of FS-GLO insert compatible with Gloomhaven TM

This will be a long post as this is a big insert so please follow through to the end.

As before please note that this is a demonstration piece using the blue foam used for Essen Spiel demo products. The final products will use a grey foam, together with the grey print you see here. 

This image shows the full box with the lid removed. On top you can see the sticker sheets.

Under the sticker sheets, on the left, you can see the town records book, the element infusion board and the large B envelope. Under these are the large map tiles and the board. On the right you can see two large trays for containing the hexagon room overlay tiles.

 With the board and map tiles removed you can see on the left the rule book and the scenario book. These are in a slight recess to be level with the character tuck boxes which can be seen sticking out from underneath the large trays for the hexagon overlay tiles.  

With the books removed you can see the top layer of trays in the main part of the box on the left hand side. 

This is a shot zoomed in to the right hand side of the box. The hexagon overlay tile trays have been removed and the character tuck boxes cam be seen lined up across the box. To the right of them are the smaller map tiles stored on their side. We found that the two T-shaped pieces in the original designed to separate these two areas were unnecessary and just reduced the space available in the main compartment. These have been removed entirely form the insert design.

We now zoom into the left hand side of the box. On the left at the top and bottom are two trays for storing the character minis' tuck boxes. In between them is a tray for the summons tokens and the red room overlay tiles. At the top on the right are two trays for the various other smaller components. At the bottom on the right are the two trays for the vertical storage of the small monster standees. Please see below for a close up picture of these trays.

With the top trays removed, you can see on the left a second tray for holding the damage tokens and the table tiles. on the right at the top can be seen the tops of the two trays for vertical storage of the monster stat sheets and ability cards which we will look at in more detail below. On the bottom right are two trays for the horizontal storage of the medium sized monster standees.

With the upper trays removed we now see the bottom layer. On the top left is a tray for the money tokens. Under that and across the middle are trays for the mini sized cards for items, attack modifiers, etc. At the bottom are the two trays for the standard sized cards. There is sufficient space for all cards to be sleeved in quality sleeves. In our game here in the picture, half the cards are sleeved. We have increased the semi-circle holes in each of these card trays and the cards are now very accessible.

This is the same image again, but with the top left tray for money tokens removed, showing the tray for the plastic stands underneath.

This image shows the medium and small monster standees removed form the box.

In a close-up of the small monster standees you can see how they are stored vertically. From the side each of the monster types can be easily identified and the player can simply draw or return the monster needed quickly while playing. 

These are the tall trays for the vertical storage of the monster stat sheets and monster sleeves. The trays have sufficient space so as to allow the red monster ability cards to be stored in between the stat sheets, making it easy in the game to select the correct cards. The tray on the right also holds the small envelopes that come with the game, and the large irregular shaped monster standees. The common monster ability cards used with multiple types of monster are stored in the mini card trays shown further up this post. 

This is a close up of the left hand tray so you can see how easy it is to access the correct monster cards when needed.

The insert adds just 1.25 kg to the total weight of the box, meaning the game is as transportable as its ever going to be, and while you do carry it around all components will be snug and safe in their allotted places.

Many thanks to everybody who gave suggestions and ideas!

Comments welcome as always.


Pictures of FS-GLO compatible with Gloomhaven TM Second Edition

We managed tonight to get together with a friend of mine who has just received his Second Edition Gloomhaven set. The differences in components to the earlier edition are the health dials, the solo scenarios book, and the character standees.

This image shows how the slim Solo Scenarios book fits perfectly together with the other rule books underneath the board.

The health dials fit on the top together with the large map tiles.

There is not a tray with space for all the character standees. The best solution we found was to add them to the character tuck boxes so that they are there when you want to use them together with the other character components. 

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