Demonstration copy of FS-ELD insert compatible with Eldritch Horror TM

This insert allows you to store the original game together with one or the small expansions. In these images we have added the Forsaken Lore expansion.

As always please note that this is a demonstration piece using the blue foam used for Essen Spiel demo products. The final products will use a grey foam, together with the grey print you see here.


This first image shows the box filled with the trays and the board and rule son top acting as a lid. 


 Now we have removed the board and rules the trays can be seen underneath. We will look at each section separately.


 Here we can see the tray slots for the large format cards. 


 On the left at the top are two slots, one for the normal monster tokens and one for the investigator standees and stands. Here the standees are fitted to their stands. Underneath these two slots are four slots for the mini cards to be stored vertically. On the top right is a tray for the health and sanity tokens. Underneath these on the right the investigator and ancient sheets act as a lid for trays beneath. They are housed in a recess.


 With the sheets removed we can see on the left the storage stacks for the gate tokens and the epic monster tokens. On the right is a tray for the clue and other tokens.


 With the clue and other tokens tray removed, as well as the health and sanity tray we can see two trays underneath. The top one is used for the travel tickets and the eldritch tokens. The other is for the improvement tokens and the dice.

This is a very card heavy game when adding in expansions. The images above show our preferred method of using the insert. In our experience and from what i have read online, it is very rarely necessary to sleeve all the cards for this game. Many of the large ancient one cards are used rarely and most people don't sleeve them. Even with the above setup, there is space for 100% of the mini cards and 85% of the large cards to be sleeved. 

However in order to provide the option of fully sleeving the entire set of cards, the trays for the normal monster tokens and the investigator standees were deliberately designed to be the same size as the large card slots at the bottom of the insert.


With the monster tokens and investigator standees stacked they can be stored together in one of the slots, as shown above. The other slot can then be used for storing large cards, allowing 100% of the large cards to be stored sleeved.

A note on the other expansions - the large box expansions FFG sells are in the same size box as the original game. The insert above will fit in any of them snugly, and all components of the Eldritch Horror components sizes will fit in the relevant trays. The one compromise would be that vertical storage would to be possible as the boards would be thinner. Please note that we have not tested this as we don't have access now to the other expansions.

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