Demonstration copy of FS-ECL insert for Eclipse TM

This insert includes space for the original game plus the Ship Pack One expansion together in the original box.

As before please note that this is a demonstration piece using the blue foam used for Essen Spiel demo products. The final products will use a grey foam, together with the grey print you see here.

This image shows the box filled with the trays and the Player boards, rules and the long order board from Ship Pack One on top. Placed as shown these allow the box to be stored on its long side vertically.

With the rules and boards removed you can see the trays underneath. The top two trays both have two sections. One for the summary, traitor and info cards as well as the smaller turn order board. Secondly for the space hexes. The bottom right is a tray for storing the next turn order tiles, the ancient ships, the blank tiles and the player turn order markers. In the middle at the bottom are two trays for the ship part tiles. We will look at these trays more closely below. On the bottom left is a tray for GCDS tiles, the discovery tiles, storage marker tiles and the wooden purple markers. 

With the top trays removed you can see the bottom trays underneath. On the top are the trays for the remaining hexes and the two bags of technology and reputation tiles. Under them are six trays for the player pieces, as well as two trays in the middle, one for the orbital monolith tiles and one for the dice.

 With the trays for the orbital monolith tiles and the dice removed you can see underneath two further trays. Some of the ships that come with Ship Pack One are very large, and are better stored separately. These two bottom trays are for this.

This image is a close up of the tile trays from above.

Here we see closely the ship part tiles. All the different part types can be seen and easily accessed in the game.

The game is large and difficult to photograph when all set up. This image gives an idea as to how the trays would be used in game. The ship part tiles can be placed on top of the supply board, however we have found they work better placed to one side so players can see the part list as well as the tray. The single tray is sufficient to store all part types and you only need to go back to the other tray should these finish. Each of the player trays contain all the tiles and ships each player needs and can be used during the game to keep things tidy.

 Here we see each of the trays for hexes. Each type of hex can be stored separately. 


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