Demonstration copy of FS-AGR insert compatible with Agricola TM

This insert works with either the original 2007 edition or the revised 2016 edition. All components are tidily stored in separate trays. The trays are made so that they can be used in game play, placed around the boards for easy access.  

Please note that as an exception to our general rule, there is enough space for only two-thirds of the cards to be sleeved in the original 2007 edition rather than all cards. All cards can be sleeved in the revised 2016 edition.

Please also note that this is a demonstration piece using the blue foam used for Essen Spiel demo products. The final products will use a grey foam, together with the grey print you see here.


 This image shows the full box, with the rules and boards covering the trays underneath.


Now that the rules and boards have been laid to the side you can see the insert trays underneath.


This is the top row of trays. On the left are three slots for cards, including an indentation for holding the score sheet. Next is the first of the resource trays. Then we have the special trays for storing the room tiles. On the right are the first of the player piece trays.


With the top trays removed you can see underneath the second resource tray and the other player piece trays. On the bottom right is the tray for the other components.


In game the trays are placed around the board in easy reach of the players. Each player takes their own player piece tray to use during the game.

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  • #1

    apertotes (Friday, 02 February 2018 17:27)

    Hi! Is there space for the Farmers of the Moor expansion?

  • #2

    Folded Space (Sunday, 04 February 2018 23:26)

    Hi :)

    No, the insert does not have space for the Moor expansion. It does have
    room for the animeeples, and works both with the original game and the
    2016 revised version.